Territorial Bloggings

Think, Write, Repeat…


Patience. When conducting a job search, patience is a virtue. When conducting a job search during long term unemployment, it’s a necessary evil – something that’s seemingly unattainable, yet still touted by everyone as a must have. Patience is easy to come by when nobody responds to any/all the applications that I send out. I build up my little defensive wall to protect myself, and the grinding wheels of the process just […]

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Getting laid-off felt like getting tossed onto the edge of the wilderness. It was disorienting, enraging, confusing, and unpleasant, but hope was not lost because it was easy enough to envision bouncing back quickly; after all, civilization was still in sight! Long-term unemployment feels like getting banished to the very middle of the wilderness. Nothing, nary an outpost, in sight. After a while the emotional maelstrom subsided into a burdensome ennui. Hope […]

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I’m back.

  Yes, much like Bender, I’m back, and so is Territorial Bloggings. I figure that my return might actually take this time if I bring back the old masthead as well. We’ll see about that, but my intentions are good – I need to try and write, even if no one reads it. The landscape has changed greatly in the 3 or so years since I last wrote regularly (I […]

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