Pinoy channel the Fame of Pinoy tv shows and Pinoy Tambayan

Pinoy Channel and Pinoy Tambayan Lambingan

Pinoy Channel is the Philipino Channel of GMA network that was launched in February 2004 as a GMA International and GMA worldwide. This Pinoy channel tv made rapid progress as that all the GMA Network aired shows, documents, films, sports and events from the philipine’s. A Pinoy Ako is Word that was dervided by Pinoy Tv a type of channels that is suggest to people can watch it to sit here at home and can enjoy their favourite drama serial.  The transmission of Pinoy Tv channels is published on daily basis howevr some drams shows on most of weekend. To wacth all the live series of Pinoy Tv you can use Pinoy Tambayan that offers its users a term to search Pinoy channels drams online on offical page of Pinoy television.

Pinoy Tv Shows the Fame of Pinoy Tambayan

As philipines are very interactive to watch them this is the reason they are  also well known of their talk shows, dramas and movies that is displayed on Pinoy Tambayan. There are differnet types of Program offers Pinoy Tambayan aried globally like pinoy GMA Network and ABS-CBN Network. GMA and ABSC-CBN are two famous type of Pinoy tambayan that user cannot imagine in a single household in philipine without a Tv so, to have this oppurtunity you need to first stay connected Pinoy Tv so, that it will be easy for you to watch all Pinoy Tambayan on Television very easly. The main faming of Pinoy Tambayan is that all the users of Pinoy Network it is believed that pinoy Tv shows bring a one step closer to friends, relatives and families that is best source of entertainment. Due to this fame of Pinoy television that’s wahy ABS-CBN network entertainment awarded by as best transmission channel of the world with higest rating programs like Ikaw Lang Ang Llibigin, WildFlower, Asintado, Ang Probisyano, all are the show time channels.

Pinoy Tambayan Shows Globally Famous Channel’s

All the drama series, movies and shows that is aired by Pinoy Tv is made on philpines cultutre and their life style. By using Pinoy Tambayan Philipines represent and promote their culture infront of world. Mostly people love to watch all Pinoy Lambingan because, people get from this new attest trends and culuture also get pinoy Teleserye upcoming current happenings in society.  Pinoy Lambingan covers  a network majority in whole countires where philipines live. Some of philipnes that are not living in their country can also get attached with their country culture and get some awareness that is happening to watching all Tv programs of Pinoy Network. The quality of Pinot Tv channels is based on all users choice it means that this exactly what the philippine viewers want. The number of Pinoy followers and viewers increasing day by day that you can see on offical page of Pinoy Tv if you have already registered in it.

How People Become entertain By Pinoy Tambayan

As many people busy in their  routine life and they become tired after performing all of efforts they wants to something else that make them fresh as well as a source amousements for them self for this purpose philippinies choose to watch Pinoy Tambayan infect, they wait anxiously for upcoming epsisode. Online Tambayan websites of our Pinoy Tv provides its followers all the newsest Pinoy Showbiz news in which users indicate their interest very much. Mostly the use Pinoy Tmabayan is where peoples away from their Philippines country this is best chance for themself to check latest updates and news what’s going on in the world? All the showcast of Pinoy Tv looks very beautiful especially girls that have blushed faces with cute eyes and long hair. The cutest similes of Philippines girls makes all the Pinoy Tambayan make attractive and forced every one to watch it very interestingly.


Patience. When conducting a job search, patience is a virtue. When conducting a job search during long term unemployment, it’s a necessary evil – something that’s seemingly unattainable, yet still touted by everyone as a must have.

Patience is easy to come by when nobody responds to any/all the applications that I send out. I build up my little defensive wall to protect myself, and the grinding wheels of the process just move along. I just keep sending out applications and go about my merry way, telling myself that I’ve done my part (and screw them anyway!).

I’ve found patience most difficult, then, during the times when I’ve actually heard back from employers. Getting a phone interview knocks down the wall and opens me up to hope. And hope is a patience killer. Hope kicks up the anxiety a few notches, because it seduces me into picturing what it might be like to get the job. Usually (almost invariably) the phone interview goes well. This is a double-edged sword. I’m glad I don’t fold under the pressure of phone interviews, but a pernicious side effect of hope at this stage is a narrowing of focus. The temptation is to focus solely on the employer that’s responded, at the expense of continuing to pursue new leads. This, of course, is foolishness rather than hope.

After the successful phone interview, patience becomes threadbare from the near constant back and forth in my head as I anticipate the next email/phone call with information about the next stage of the courtship ritual. What was once abstract regarding job location, potential relocation, etc., becomes oh so slightly more (and more enticingly) tangible with an on-site interview.

Patience becomes even more difficult after the on-site interview (that generally signals making the finalist stage of the dance competition). Seeing the potential workplace, meeting the people, and hearing more particulars about the position all combine to make a heady brew of tangible feelings – feelings that make patience almost impossible during the interminable wait for results. And if it wasn’t bad enough that I’m riding this emotional rollercoaster, so is my family – the people who love me, want to see me get back to “normal,” and who want their own lives to get back to normal. This whole process taxes them as well (after all, they need patience & get hope, too…).

It wounds us all when things don’t work out, and we have to wait for the whole process to start over again.

Which is the way it is, and has to be.

I just have to be patient.


Broken and Bleak

Getting laid-off felt like getting tossed onto the edge of the wilderness. It was disorienting, enraging, confusing, and unpleasant, but hope was not lost because it was easy enough to envision bouncing back quickly; after all, civilization was still in sight!

Long-term unemployment feels like getting banished to the very middle of the wilderness. Nothing, nary an outpost, in sight. After a while the emotional maelstrom subsided into a burdensome ennui. Hope ebbs and flows along with the never ending search. The shards of a once productive career continue to lay broken, increasingly becoming a mocking liability as time passes. Doubts build. Confidence wanes. Guilt grows.

Faith and family are stalwart bulwarks against ever present pessimism and encroaching darkness. For these, and so much more, I am ever thankful. The Lord sustains me through this test.

I just wish that it would end, that I could find a job, and be able to provide for my family once again…

I’m back.


Yes, much like Bender, I’m back, and so is Territorial Bloggings. I figure that my return might actually take this time if I bring back the old masthead as well. We’ll see about that, but my intentions are good – I need to try and write, even if no one reads it.

The landscape has changed greatly in the 3 or so years since I last wrote regularly (I was at my best in the pre-social media arena), but I have full confidence that I’m just as irrelevant now as I was then. No delusions of adequacy here, thank you very much! I may not be very deep, or even good, I may not be funny, or even on topic, but I promise you that I will take up space, just like you remember from the TB of yore!