Broken and Bleak

Getting laid-off felt like getting tossed onto the edge of the wilderness. It was disorienting, enraging, confusing, and unpleasant, but hope was not lost because it was easy enough to envision bouncing back quickly; after all, civilization was still in sight!

Long-term unemployment feels like getting banished to the very middle of the wilderness. Nothing, nary an outpost, in sight. After a while the emotional maelstrom subsided into a burdensome ennui. Hope ebbs and flows along with the never ending search. The shards of a once productive career continue to lay broken, increasingly becoming a mocking liability as time passes. Doubts build. Confidence wanes. Guilt grows.

Faith and family are stalwart bulwarks against ever present pessimism and encroaching darkness. For these, and so much more, I am ever thankful. The Lord sustains me through this test.

I just wish that it would end, that I could find a job, and be able to provide for my family once again…

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