What is needful?

What is really, truly, needful in a blogging “platform” anymore?

  • Is it having the most flexibility & popularity (e.g., Wordpress)?
  • Is it having the quickest publish-to-read ratio possible (e.g., Twitter)?
  • Is it having the most hoi polloi mindshare (e.g., Facebook)?
  • Is it having the most geek cred (e.g., self-hosted or GitHub/Dropbox-powered, flat/textfiles)?
  • Or is it merely the tool that allows the writer to write, adapting to her workflow & getting out of the way the best when he finally decides to write?

I think I might know, at least for me.

If I’m being honest, however, over the years I’ve bounced between all of the above, several times, except for Facebook. (I have a “love-to-hate-it” relationship with Facebook…)

I want to say...

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